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HPV Vaccine For Boys Is On It’s Way – Hell For Both Sexes

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HPV Vaccine

Starting in September of 2016 Ontario Canada is fired up to start pushing the HPV vaccine on boys. In the United States, Canada, Australia, the UK and other parts of the world the HPV vaccine has been pushed on females with tragic results. Females who have been harmed, as well as their families have been speaking out in videos and news articles across the globe.

In this video Dr. Sherri Tenpenny explains the dangers of the HPV vaccine.

Dr. Diane Harper one of the lead researchers for the HPV vaccine during Phase II and Phase III safety trials has spoken out calling the vaccine a deadly scam. This is a stark contrast from the media portrayal of a safe vaccine. See Dr. Harper’s comments here.

Take a look at how the CDC is pushing this vaccine as safe and then take a look at the stories from those injured by the HPV vaccine–Ask yourself is this really worth the risk? Also, notice the lack of HPV vaccine injury stories from males. Could it be that the CDC and pharma are banking on the other half of the population remaining quite about vaccine injury? This vaccine has been pushed on pre pubescent boys and male college students for more than a few years, so I  have to ask why is no one talking about it? Why are no males telling their story?  (CW)

In the following video beautiful young women tell their Before and After stories of the effects of HPV vaccination.

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